The right marketing for public sector provider of sexual health services

Provide CIC

Provider of NHS sexual health services across Essex

Provide CIC (known as Provide Community) is the lead provider of Essex Sexual Health Services across the county.

With an established internal marketing team, Provide CIC were looking for an expert partner to create the right marketing strategy and help them to deliver the marketing they need.


Provide CIC needed support to develop a new marketing plan – in close conjunction with all their partners – to help them publicise their services to more people across Essex.

As well as the marketing strategy, their existing marketing team needed close and impartial support to help identify opportunities and deliver both ongoing marketing and specific campaigns.

Services provided

As the service is delivered by number of stakeholders, we conducted ‘workshops’ with small groups to gain their advice, opinions and experience, before creating the strategy.

Our detailed marketing communications plan was then shared with all partners and adopted in full.

As well as continuing to advise at a senior level, we began supporting their existing marketing team to deliver a proactive mix of marketing, including social media, press releases, digital advertising, posters, window displays and digital campaigns.

In addition, we’ve delivered a brand-new website, including creating sister sites for partners and specific landing pages for campaigns.


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