Full Mix Marketing Return to Offices
Senior Marketing Executive Sally Celebrates Second Anniversary at Full Mix Marketing

Having returned to working within our offices, we’re celebrating our Senior Marketing Executive Sally Baines’s second anniversary at Full Mix Marketing.

Globe-trotting marketer Sally joined us in 2018 following periods working in Canada and Australia, and taking a career break to start a family. Immediately proving herself as an asset to our team, she was promoted in 2019 and now not only delivers key aspects of marketing but is the direct contact for a number of highly valued clients and the organisational glue that helps keep our team on track.

Sally said “Wow, I can’t believe it’s 2 years already, though the last 3 month’s working in lockdown have certainly made it hard to judge time. In the last two years I feel we’ve really grown as an entire team, benefiting from all the processes and procedures we’ve put in place to ensure we make good all our promises to clients. It’s lovely to be back in the office with my colleagues and reigniting our relationships with all our clients. I’m excited about the month’s ahead as we begin delivering effective marketing for even more companies looking to fight back from lockdown. Many thanks to Sarah, James and team for my card, chocolates and wine!”

As the owners and senior management team, we’d like to highlight what a critical part Sally has played in our success and thank her for all her hard work, support and professionalism.