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Connected Magazine – PPC: Getting the Clicks That Count

Read Full Mix Marketing’s latest marketing how-to column from the January 2019 edition of ‘Connected’ magazine from Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce.

PPC – Getting the Click That Count

An increasing number of businesses are using search engines to deliver them more customers. Sarah West from Norwich marketing agency, Full Mix Marketing, shares her tips for getting the best from your pay-per-click (PPC) budget.

1 – Quality, Not Quantity

The golden rule of PPC is ‘quality, not quantity’. One website visitor who buys or enquires can be more valuable than hundreds who simply visit your website but go no further.

A well-managed paid search campaign seeks to minimise the cost-per-click for effective terms. However, whilst it’s wise to target cheaper and more specific search terms, fewer clicks from more competitive keywords might actually result in greater sales.

Conversion tracking is a good way to see which keywords are most productive. Though customers may be unable to buy through your website, there are other behaviours you can track to ensure you’re targeting the most productive searches.

2 – Preparation is Key

It’s wise to look at your current customers and identify any common attributes. For example, they may be men, clustered around one location and only search in the daytime. Be realistic about how far your budget will reach and refine your targeting to those most likely to buy.

If you’re using PPC to promote something new, consider also promoting your existing services to provide a meaningful benchmark.

3 – Landing Pages

However effective your search ads are, you need to ensure those clicking find the experience they expect. Users need specific information that relates to their search and your homepage is rarely the right landing page.

Too few appropriate landing pages and the bounce rate (those visitors who leave without exploring) will be high. Too many and the time spent creating each page will exceed the likely return-on-investment. Generally, the correct number of landing pages for effective PPC also satisfies SEO and provides all visitors with the right experience of your company.

4 – More Than Just Search

Customers may be unlikely to choose your product or service after just one visit to your website. Remarketing displays an advert on other websites which visitors to your website subsequently see. It’s strong for maintaining awareness and boosting sales conversion.

Particularly for B2B, searching online may not be the only way customers discover your product. Display, social media and affiliate advertising may also expose your business to your target audience.

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