Full Mix Marketing Connected Magazine Column
Our New Regular Column in Cambridgeshire’s Connected Magazine

We’re delighted to announce we’ll be writing a regular feature, full of hints, tips, advice and insight on successful marketing, in Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce’s Connected magazine every month.

See below our first article for the October 2018 issue:

B2B Marketing – What’s the Right Mix?

CIM Chartered Marketer Sarah West, of award winning agency and new Cambridgeshire Chamber members Full Mix Marketing, shares her top tips for successful B2B marketing.

1 – Understand the difference between B2B and B2C

Consider someone buying new clothes. They will typically make a quick decision based on satisfying their emotional need to be comfortable and stylish. They’re unlikely to want a close relationship with the brand they choose. Now imagine a business choosing an accountant. The decision is more rational, will take longer and may involve several people. The decision maker will want to be seen to make a good decision. Whilst consumers favour snappy marketing, businesses customers typically appreciate more information and marketing which seeks to ‘court’ them.

2 – Choose the right strategy

Businesses may be unaware of your product or that they need it. This may require ‘push’ marketing which reaches out and informs them, such as telesales, email or PR. Alternatively, businesses may be actively seeking what you deliver. ‘Pull’ marketing like online advertising, SEO or social media will let them know you’re the best choice.

Short lived ‘burst’ marketing is ideal for selling ice creams in hot weather. However, for business customers, ‘drip’ marketing where you utilise various methods over time is typically more effective.

3 – Go direct

Some marketing methods are good at publicising your company but it’s difficult to gauge success. If you know who your business customers are, better results typically come from targeted marketing which reaches them directly like mail, email or LinkedIn.

4 – Use reference not deference

20 years ago, we looked to businesses, politicians and our elders for opinions. Now we’re more likely to trust our friends, family and other customers. Review sites, testimonials and social media can be a powerful way to influence business decision makers.

5 – Stand out

There is more media and competition for attention than ever. However, there are some simple rules to help your business stand out.

  1. Communicate the strengths your customers value most, not just those you’re most proud of
  2. Keep your brand message simple and clear. Don’t rely on customers to translate the benefits for themselves
  3. Use multiple marketing methods to reach your customers. They don’t discriminate and the combined results will be greater


View the full article here: https://issuu.com/connected-magazine/docs/connected_october_2018/40