Marketing making the difference for manufacturers and engineers, say industry specialists
Marketing making the difference for manufacturers and engineers, say industry specialists

Marketing is contributing more than ever to the success experienced by companies in manufacturing and engineering, according to one of the country’s leading B2B marketing agencies.

Full Mix Marketing, who specialise in providing marketing to manufacturers, engineers and other companies who operate business-to-business (B2B), believe marketing has become the driving force behind many firms’ growth.

“Our clients tell us much has changed since Brexit and the pandemic and there are many new opportunities for British manufacturing and engineering. Marketing is increasingly the tool which is helping them reach out to decision makers and win contracts” says Sarah West, Managing Director of Full Mix Marketing.

According the, the UK is the world’s eighth biggest manufacturer, producing £272bn of goods in 2021 – £10bn more than France but £42bn less than Italy.

Recent stats from an Oxford Economics and Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA) report say the industry accounts for almost one quarter of the UK economy.

“Just like in our social lives, there are more things than ever vying for businesses’ attention. Marketing is helping companies cut through and embed themselves in their potential clients’ minds so that they are the name they turn to” adds the chartered marketing expert.

Established in 2016, Full Mix Marketing has quickly grown to become East Anglia’s leading B2B marketing agency, working with companies across the UK in manufacturing, engineering, logistics, technology, construction and business services.

As well as providing individual elements of digital, strategic and traditional (non-digital) marketing, they can also act as their clients’ entire outsourced marketing department.

The agency’s founder states that whilst the mix of marketing can vary amongst their manufacturing and engineering clients, there are some common tactics which are delivering particular results.

“Digital marketing is important but perhaps more for creating an online presence and assurances, rather than generating leads. Many businesses know who their ideal customers are, so direct marketing methods are proving very effective” adds Sarah.

One of the particular areas the agency has seen manufacturers and engineers benefit from is content marketing, including press releases and articles.

“With the right support, almost any business can now produce content which the trade press and their customers are keen to read. Companies are often concerned that marketers might not understand what they deliver, which is where our experience in manufacturing and engineering proves so valuable” states Sarah.

Amongst the marketing agency’s clients who have recently reported record results are companies in sectors including heating products, horticultural technology, electronics manufacturing, research instrumentation and thermoplastics.

“Manufacturers and engineers are perhaps finding it harder to rely on their capabilities and experience to maintain their order books. Marketing is enabling them to make sure more people know what they do and why they do it better than others” concludes Sarah.

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