Marketing in 2019
Marketing in 2019 – How to Ensure Your Business Overachieves

Read Full Mix Marketing’s latest marketing how-to column in the December 2018 edition of ‘Connected’ magazine from Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce: Marketing in 2019 – How to Ensure Your Business Overachieves

With a new year dawning, award-winning Sarah West from Full Mix Marketing, shares her tips for achieving your business’s goals through marketing in 2019.

1 – Stay focused

Many businesses report they’ve tried most types of marketing with limited results. They’ve often chosen the right methods but they’ve either been delivered inconsistently or not given enough time.

Key is to identify the correct mix of marketing for your target customers. Relying on a single method is rarely effective. Once you’re confident you’ve chosen the right types, keep faith and give them sufficient time. Particularly with B2B, it takes repeat exposure for customers to become familiar with your brand and decide they need what you provide.

Ensure your marketing is delivered to a suitable quality. Cheap marketing is expensive if it fails to produce results. Effective marketing costs nothing when it creates a return!

2 – Become well known

Publicity is powerful. Customers will only buy from your business if they know you exist. Many businesses succeed simply because they’re the name customers are most familiar with.

Digital marketing and social media have made publicity easier. Blatant sales messages rarely gain attention but most businesses can find enough news and developments for engaging content. A good PR story is infinity more effective than a front-page advert!

Keep your message consistent. Distil what you deliver down to a handful of soundbites and include them in every press release, blog or post.

3 – Shine online

Few businesses exist without some level of online presence which customers experience on their way to buying. For many, a fantastic website won’t win more business but a poor website can lose potential customers if it doesn’t reflect the qualities they expect.

Digital advertising is a quick way to drive customers to your business but should be actively managed to optimise results from your budget. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ for search engine optimisation, so ensure the actions taken are based on sound evaluation.

4 – Be bold

If you want to attract customers, you’ll need marketing which stands out. Most marketing is visual, so clear and bold design will typically outperform anything too clever or innovative. Don’t forget to tell people exactly what you do, the benefits you deliver and encourage them to act.

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