Karina becomes Senior Marketing Executive
Karina becomes Senior Marketing Executive

Hot on the heels of celebrating her first year at Full Mix Marketing, the business-to-business marketing agency has announced that Karina Zimmermann has been elevated to Senior Marketing Executive.

Karina joined the team in 2021 after a career break to raise her daughters, before which she gained over a decade’s experience delivering marketing for Bernard Matthews Foods.

In recognition of her growing role, including leading the delivery of marketing for a number of the agency’s key clients, Karina’s title has changed to reflect her senior position.

“Karina has proven excellent at communicating with clients and carefully orchestrating our team’s efforts in delivering their marketing. She’s gained huge respect from clients and colleagues alike” says James West, Director and Co-founder of Full Mix Marketing.

Karina’s role has seen her working closely with businesses including Incodia, the UK’s largest manufacturer of gift cards, CADS, retail space planning experts for major supermarkets and Gaia Climate Solution, who deliver underfloor heating through a number of leading brands.

“We frequently tell clients the key to successful marketing is building the trust with those who may buy from them. Karina has demonstrated this in spades by winning the trust of many of our clients” adds James.

With the Full Mix Marketing team recently joined by a number of younger members, Karina has also shown her skills as a mentor to her less experienced colleagues.

“Whilst I still love delivering much of our clients marketing, I also get to work closely with my newer colleagues, helping them to develop their skills” says Senior Marketing Executive, Karina.

Full Mix Marketing has established itself as East Anglia’s leading B2B marketing agency, working with a growing number of successful companies in sectors ranging from manufacturing to public health.

The agency acts as an entire marketing department for their clients, helping them identify and benefit from the right mix of marketing.

In 11 years at Bernard Matthews, Karina previously led a number of significant projects including national advertising campaigns and packaging rebrands.
German-born Karina arrived in the UK as a teenager, in part due to the twinning of her home town of Koblenz with Norwich, and went on to study business management at the University of East Anglia.

“Town-twinning often gets a bad name. But, whilst it may be an excuse for councillors to be wined and dined abroad, we also got a brilliant marketer! Karina’s new title simply recognises the great job she does” concludes James.

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