Johnston Logistics UK Thank Full Mix Marketing for ‘Outstanding’ Support
Johnston Logistics UK thank Full Mix Marketing for ‘outstanding’ support

Director of Johnston Logistics UK, Rob McIndoe, has thanked Full Mix Marketing for their support before, during and after the pandemic.

Having delivered their marketing since 2017, the full-service agency overcame challenges created by the lockdowns to drive forward the warehousing and logistics provider’s marketing.

“The first lockdown took everyone by surprise and created some capacity within our warehousing. Full Mix came up with a plan, reached out to brands and retailers and we’ve ended up having another very successful year” says Rob, who leads the Johnston Logistics UK team.

Formally established in 2010, Johnston Logistics UK can trace their history back to 1978 and now handle over 320 million items each year. Half of all wine for Asda supermarkets passes through their 700,000 square feet of warehousing.

Over the past four years, Full Mix Marketing have delivered marketing which has helped increase Johnston Logistics UK’s appeal to larger brands and retailers. It has included social media, website development, online advertising, search engine optimisation and direct marketing to businesses across the UK.

In April 2021, Johnston Logistics UK launched a new website built by Full Mix Marketing to better communicate the logistic experts’ rising reputation and status.

“Due in many ways to the support of Full Mix, we’ve grown to another discernible level. The pandemic impacted their team like everyone, but you wouldn’t have known it. The support they’ve delivered has always been outstanding; before, during and after the lockdowns” states Rob.

Full Mix Marketing was founded by Sarah West in 2016 with the aim to deliver the right mix of marketing to create meaningful results. The company has grown to become one of East Anglia’s leading business-to-business marketing agencies, supporting companies in sectors including engineering, IT and business services.

“It has always been a pleasure working with Johnston Logistics UK. It’s all about trust. We know they’re excellent at logistics and they have faith we will do everything we can to spread the word using the most effective marketing. Their success is our success” says Sarah West, Full Mix Marketing’s Managing Director.

In the last year, Full Mix Marketing have delivered particular strong results for Johnston Logistics UK with content marketing, including press releases which have been widely published by the retail sector press. This has also boosted their website by increasing its appearance in Google search results, four-fold.

Full Mix Marketing continue to deliver a full mix of marketing for Johnston Logistics UK as the Snetterton-based firm considers plans to further expand their warehousing to meet rising demand.

“From the start, Sarah and her team came up with a well-reasoned strategy and delivered results. It’s no different to having a marketing team in-house. In fact, it’s better because they are so driven and full of ideas” concludes Rob.

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