Full Mix Marketing Return to Offices
Full Mix Marketing Return to Offices – It’s Good to Be Back!

From 30th June, some of our team have returned to working partly in our offices – socially distanced and with increased hygiene.

Like most businesses, we closed our offices from Friday 20th March so our staff could help stop the spread of coronavirus, care for their families and work from home where possible. In the following 14 weeks, everyone has been through a unique but shared experience. We’d like to thank our team for all their hard work and support in what has often been difficult circumstances.

As well as working from home, we’re delighted to now have some of our team back in our offices on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, as we work towards restoring business-as-usual. We’d like to thank those clients who remained with us throughout the lockdown, knowing the marketing we deliver would continue to provide results. We’d also like to thank our other clients who understandably paused but have almost all now returned, determined to use effective marketing to fight back from lockdown.

It’s good to be back in the office, discussing the issues of the day and working hard for all our clients!