Full Mix Marketing Connected Mar 19
Connected Magazine – How to Write a Successful Press Release

Read Full Mix Marketing’s latest marketing how-to column from the March 2019 edition of ‘Connected’ magazine from Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce.

It’s claimed a good press release is as effective as six front page adverts! Sarah West from award-winning Norwich marketing agency, Full Mix Marketing, shares her tips for writing a successful press release:

Grab Attention

So, you’ve identified an update or development you want to publicise.

The first challenge is to persuade a website, paper or magazine to publish your story. The second challenge is to convince their readers to read it. Both begin with the headline.

A great headline hooks the reader in, gets them thinking and makes them want to read more. Alliterative headlines (using words beginning with the same sound) are particularly effective, as is a play on words. However, if language isn’t your strength, keep it short and simple but don’t give so much away that the reader doesn’t need to read further.

Pack Out the Beginning

There’s a chance many readers won’t go beyond the first paragraphs, so they need to be powerful.

The opening paragraph should expand on the headline and include the who, what, where and when. The following paragraph should expand on the why, explaining the significance of what’s happened and how it helps your business stand out for all the right reasons.

Quote, Unquote

You may be eager to include lots of detail and superlatives about your business, what you deliver and the great thing that’s happened. However, too much self-promotion may put readers and publishers off. Both prefer press releases written as if from an unbiased third party.

An effective way to include all the great things you want to say is by adding quotes.

Choosing the right spokesperson is important. Quotes should be from someone who’s fundamental to the press release, such as your Managing Director or new client. Here you (or they) can sing your business’s praises and it will appear appropriate and add credibility.

So What?

Ultimately, readers will ask themselves ‘Why is this of interest to me?’

To be effective at creating positive awareness of your business, you need to convince the reader of the story’s relevance. The key is to clarify why it’s important and how it may benefit the reader (particularly if they are a potential customer).

Weave your ‘so what’ messages throughout the article so, when the reader’s finished, they know exactly why your development is newsworthy and of value to them.

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