Full Mix Marketing Connected May 19
Connected Magazine – How to Make Your Website More Effective

Read Full Mix Marketing’s latest marketing how-to column from the May 2019 edition of ‘Connected’ magazine from Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce.

Most businesses regard their website as important for attracting customers. Sarah West, from Norwich marketing agency and website builders Full Mix Marketing, shares her advice on improving your website’s effectiveness:

Focus on Fundamentals

As search engines are the gate keepers for so much online traffic, it’s wise to keep them satisfied.

Many techniques like keyword stuffing and links from listing websites are now ineffective. Instead, focus first on some important basics to improve your website’s search ranking.

A secure server (https) is critical to Google, as is a website which downloads quickly. Make sure images are smaller than 100KB and remove any superfluous plug-ins, functionality or code which may be slowing pages down.

Put Functionality First

Consider websites you frequently use like your bank or favourite online retailer. They will often be simple so it’s easy to find what you need. Whilst businesses are understandably concerned by how their website looks, functionality is more important.

Ensure visitors can quickly locate the information they need and are encouraged to buy your product, visit you or make contact. Users may only visit 2-3 pages and you typically have just 59 second or 3 clicks to impress.

Look Good for Everyone

Since May 2015, more online searches have been made on smartphones and tablets than laptops and desktops.

Websites which target consumers will almost certainly be viewed most on mobile devices. For those who sell to businesses, views on desktops may currently be higher but this will likely change.

It’s critical your company’s website works well on all devices otherwise half of all visitors could leave dissatisfied.

Stick to Your Objective

To be effective, your website needs to provide the experience visitors anticipate and inspire them to act.

Ensure your website funnels visitors smoothly towards the outcome you desire. If you want them to make an online purchase, make it simple to choose the product they need and don’t complicate the process with too many options.

If you provide a service, your website is essentially an online brochure. Focus on benefits and demonstrate your strengths, but don’t bombard visitors with too much information. The aim is typically to encourage them to make contact, not make a final buying decision.

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