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Connected Magazine – Digital Marketing: How Can Your Business Grow Online?

Read Full Mix Marketing’s latest marketing how-to column in the November 2018 edition of ‘Connected’ magazine from Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce:

Digital Marketing – How Can Your Business Grow Online?

CIM Chartered Marketer Sarah West, from award-winning Norwich marketing agency, Full Mix Marketing, answers some frequent questions about investing wisely in digital marketing.

1 – Is digital marketing the answer?

The right mix of marketing is unique to every business and should focus on whatever creates the greatest return.

If people are actively searching online for your product or service, a well-designed website, search engine optimisation (SEO) and paid search advertising (PPC), can be highly effective. If what you deliver needs more introduction or explanation, resources might be better directed to other tactics such as social media or offline marketing.

If you know who your target customers are, the best results typically come from marketing directly to them. Online this can include display advertising, email campaigns and social media.

2 – Do we need a new website?

Many digital marketing agencies will automatically recommend a new website. One is beneficial if your current site is out dated, difficult to use or displays poorly on mobile devices. However, a new website alone is unlikely to significantly increase the visitors it receives. Many improvements which increase traffic, enquiries or sales, are possible to an existing site. It’s best to understand the true issues (and likely gain) before investing in a new website alone. Remember, content and functionality are almost always more influential on results than how a website looks.

3 – How do we get more from Google?

Though there is no instruction manual, the principles of satisfying search engines are relatively simple. Google wants to provide users with the very best experience by prioritising quality websites and content. Effective search engine optimisation follows the same rules. A well-constructed website, with fresh and relevant text, linked to by other respected websites, will ultimately rank higher. Anything which is unmaintained, broken or seeks to manipulate Google, will have a negative impact.

4 – Is social media effective for B2B?

Social media can be very powerful. If you’re selling to other businesses, Twitter can be a strong channel but requires very frequent tweets or paid advertising. If your clientele is senior or professional, LinkedIn may be more productive but quality is as important as quantity.

Social media is best when you have news to share, so integrate it with a good PR strategy to generate even greater results

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