Full Mix Marketing Coronavirus Update 1
Coronavirus update: business, but not as usual

Here at Full Mix Marketing it’s business, but certainly not as usual…

The unprecedented events of the last few weeks have left many of us in shock and more grateful than ever for the health professionals caring for us on the front line.

Everyone’s priorities have quickly been put into context and our focus must be to stop the spread, support the NHS and hopefully save the lives of loved ones.

Like most office-based businesses, we were able to quickly help all our team to work from home.

We continue to support a number of our clients with a mixture of immediate, ongoing and future marketing.

Many of our clients have experienced a dramatic fall in demand and/or the inability to function. All marketing can clearly wait and we wish them the best.

Others continue to function and some have even experienced rising demand and opportunities, which we are helping them reach.

Some clients in both groups are using this period as a way to focus on key elements of their marketing, ready for a return to a new ‘normality’.

Hopefully, the virus’s peak will be suppressed. We then hope to begin supporting fellow businesses wherever we can to help repair the UK economy.

We’d like to thank every member of our team for their resilience, flexibility and hard work. We’d like to wish our clients – and businesses throughout the UK – the very best of luck.

If you need marketing support, please contact info@fullmixmarketing.co.uk