7th December 2019
Connected Magazine – How to Create Effective Email Marketing
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Email marketing is a powerful and cost-effective tool for communicating with your customers, promoting your products and helping reach your business goals.

Sarah West, marketing expert and founder of Full Mix Marketing, gives us her tips for creating effective business-to-business email marketing.


Define your goals


Email marketing is a great way to get your messages directly to your clients and prospects, and strengthen existing relationships. With around 269 billion emails sent each day, there’s definitely competition for your audience’s attention. If your emails aren’t getting read, it’s important to figure out why.

Goal setting is crucial for email marketing success. Before you start designing and sending an email campaign, define why you’re sending it. Your goal will be the guiding factor in who you send the campaign to, what you say to them, what action you ask them to take and how you measure the campaign’s success.


Create valuable content


It’s important to create email content that your recipients will want to read. Create content that is informative, helpful, useful, entertaining, educational, inspiring and convinces the user to take action.


Make it personal


It’s a good idea to add a personal element to your emails whenever possible to show your customers you are paying attention to who they are and what they care about most. There are many ways you can personalise your emails, for example, addressing customers by their first name or tailoring emails based on their habits or interests.


Don’t overdo the design


Email design can have a big impact on the success of a campaign. As with many things in marketing, the simpler it is the more effective it may be. Using too many images or too much text can overwhelm the reader. A minimal design will help you to deliver a message that’s cohesive, quickly comprehended and enticing.


Ensure it’s mobile-friendly


Even for business-to-business, a large proportion of emails are opened on a smartphone or tablet. If your emails aren’t optimised for viewing on these devices, you’re potentially missing out on a large number of clicks.

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