Better B2B Marketing 24 - B2B marketing trends for 2022
Better B2B Marketing 24 – B2B marketing trends for 2022

As we step into 2022, there remains divided views on how this year will go.

Many businesses are feeling positive, as the UK’s vaccine programme has been a success and restrictions are eased. Others are still feeling nervous, worried that business is not bouncing back as quickly as they may have hoped.

Whichever camp you fall into, restarting your marketing’s momentum is key to a successful 2022. And, looking into the coming year, there are many trends in marketing that small and medium business can capitalise on.

As B2B marketing specialists, we thought we’d look at some of the trends in B2B and B2C marketing which can help your business in 2022.

Digital marketing is king

There’s a lot of new and exciting developments in the digital world that will impact the way we communicate with our customers.

Digital marketing has become more popular than ever during the pandemic, thanks to work-from-home mandates. With less physical travel and networking, your website is more than ever the shop window of your business.

Social media will remain an increasingly important tool for spreading the word about your business. LinkedIn is perhaps more than ever the most effective platform but don’t underestimate the power of popular trends.

TikTok has shifted the landscape of social media away from status updates and photos, in favour of short video posts. This has bled through to other platforms including those more suited to B2B.

Video will remain the top marketing content format

As in 2021, this next year is likely to see B2B marketers increasingly turning to interactive visual and video content to better engage their target customers.

In the past, video creation for marketing was limited, due to costly resources and production. But today, and into 2022, it will be more accessible and lower-cost than ever!

2022 will see brands and businesses create more video content, whether it’s short videos, short clips like ‘reels’ on Instagram or even live streaming.

It’s also likely to lead to greater use of social channels – such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter– to share video content with other businesses. We may even see businesses taking advantage of TikTok’s huge following and begin advertising on the platform.

Influencer marketing is only increasing

Influencer marketing has long been a feature of B2C marketing with celebrities, experts and social media stars all affecting buying behaviour.

It’s becoming very clear that influencers will continue to play a huge role for brands due to their accessibility and unlimited creative freedom.

For business-to-business marketing, companies are looking for reliable, authoritative and research-backed evidence and opinion on why they should choose a particular product, service or supplier.

Influencer marketing is not just for B2C anymore and large brands are already jumping on the influencer bandwagon, from Adobe to GE. Don’t be afraid of using trendy marketing tools in 2022!

Keep content marketing customer-focused

No matter what digital marketing strategy you’re using, it’s important to put the customer at the forefront when creating content. In 2022, customer-focused content marketing will be even more important to your business.

Once you have identified your target audience, you can create pieces of content aimed towards them. Be mindful of just how many salesy posts the everyday consumer and business are seeing and consider how and why yours would cut through the nose.

Focus your marketing strategy on engaging with your existing audience and building your database, and you’ll find your messaging reaches those who are the most interested in what you do.

Foundations matter most

Even with all these new marketing trends don’t veer too far from the basics. Business growth still comes from the foundational tools in digital marketing.

The explosion of digital marketing options means that many businesses are spread too thin across too many channels. In 2022, the trend may be to focus on dominating fewer channels.

One way to do this is through storytelling. Storytelling has always been key for brand marketing. Your audience wants to know how you have delivered on your promises in a way that has lived up to their needs and expectations.

Don’t just tell the consumer the benefits of your product – or why its better than their competitors – show them through stories and customer testimonials. This could be through social media, email marketing, your website or brochures.

Use storytelling to explain how your product or your business can help solve a specific problem.

The advance of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a scary idea, in fact it’s been implemented in almost all aspects of business over the last few years.

In marketing, AI has led to numerous advances including more intuitive reporting, automating general marketing tasks like monitoring site traffic and boosting search engine optimisation for organic reach.

AI should be seen as a really positive way to increase your business’ reach and get your brand out there. Using AI technology can help your business analyse data more quickly than with just the human eye, it can also translate data and purchase history into customer behaviours and personalised marketing.

In 2022 AI will be able to predict your customer’s next move, keeping you ahead of the game with your marketing strategy and targeting.

Traditional and offline marketing are still key

But, as always, it’s not just about digital marketing in 2022!

More traditional forms of offline marketing, including physical materials like brochures and presentations, are still a critical and effective element of any businesses’ marketing strategy.

In 2022, direct marketing, events and sales aides will be just as important as digital marketing and remain one of the most effective ways in B2B marketing of  putting what you do in front of potential clients.

‘Phygital’ will be a key buzz word for 2022.

A blend of ‘physical’ and ‘digital’, it’s the term used to describe utilising both methods of marketing together to provide your customers with a unique interactive experience.

It’s a good idea to start thinking about how phygital will come into play for your business. Are there any elements of physical marketing (mailers, advertising, events etc) you can use to encourage clients to engage with your mobile app, website or other digital marketing?

Considering your client’s customer experience journey is a critical element to ensuring your ‘phygital’ strategy is successful.  

Make the most of the ‘comeback’ year

Here at Full Mix Marketing, we’re feeling positive as we go into 2022!

Restrictions in the UK are lifting and we’re getting back to a new normal with the economy moving towards a sustained recovery.

If your business is looking towards rebuilding their marketing, implementing these 2022 trends will help lead you to success.

Using and preparing marketing is a vital ingredient in recovery. If you need support, here at Full Mix Marketing we specialise in helping B2B businesses of every size and sector to identify and benefit from the marketing trends and tactics that will make the biggest difference.

Get in touch with us today and make the most of this ‘comeback’ year.