Full Mix Marketing to Deliver Norfolk Chamber Training

Full Mix Marketing to Deliver Norfolk Chamber Training

We’re delighted to have been asked by Norfolk Chambers of Commerce to deliver training to members – and non-members – on how to choose the right mix of marketing methods for their business, resources and objectives.

To book your place click here: https://www.norfolkchamber.co.uk/training/sales-marketing/choosing-right-marketing-mix


Event Details


Date: Thursday, 10 October, 2019 – 09:00 to 12:30
Venue: Norfolk Chamber of Commerce, Norwich Business Park, 9 Whiting Road, NR4 6DJ
Member Rate: £125+VAT
Non-Member Rate: £150+VAT

This course is for any business that wants to get more from marketing.

Whether you’re unsure of the right tactics or disappointed by current results, we’ll help you evaluate each element of digital, offline and creative marketing to find the right mix for your organisation and resources.




Our aim is to help you understand each main type of modern marketing, how they fit together, the key factors affecting their success and which will most benefit your business.


Learning Objectives


  • Understand the fundamentals of each key form of digital, offline and creative marketing
  • Evaluate their relevance to your business and explore the factors which most influence success
  • Increase confidence in selecting the right mix and evaluating results


Who should attend?


From senior business leaders to junior marketing people – this course is for anyone who wants to better understand modern marketing and its role in their business.

Though we’ll start with the fundamentals, we’ll explore the key factors for marketing success within almost any organisation.


About Sarah


Sarah is the founder of Full Mix Marketing, a full-service marketing agency credited with helping businesses identify and deliver the right mix of strategic, digital and creative marketing.

Sarah is a CIM Chartered Marketer and winner of a 2018 IoD Director the Year award.

Connected Magazine – Should Your Business Invest in Marketing?

Connected Magazine – Should Your Business Invest in Marketing?

Read Full Mix Marketing’s latest marketing how-to column from the July 2019 edition of ‘Connected’ magazine from Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce.

Marketing features somewhere in the expenditure of most businesses. But should you actively invest in it? Sarah West from Norwich marketing agency, Full Mix Marketing, shares her experience.




No may seem an odd thing for a marketing agency to say, but there are things every business should consider before spending on marketing.

Firstly, what will you invest in? One-off marketing opportunities (such as advertising) often present themselves but rarely deliver results. It’s important to have a strategy.

Secondly, expectations need to be realistic. Whilst quick results can come from a higher budget, most marketing takes time and consistency to bear fruit. Be prepared to commit.




If you’re struggling to attract customers, feeling the pressure of competition or keen to actively grow, marketing is likely the answer.

The amount you invest will depend on the results you want to achieve, the methods you choose, the amount you’re comfortable spending and the faith you have in your business! Any budget should be enough to realistically reach your objectives and be sustainable over at least 6 months to ensure results.


On What?


Digital marketing features in most business’s marketing mix. However, ensure your website is effective first. Whilst PPC can attract people searching, your website has to convert their clicks into sales or enquiries. The same is true for SEO, social media and email marketing.

If fewer people seek your product or you need to educate customers about what you deliver, other marketing may be more suitable. If you know who your customers are (particularly if you sell to businesses) direct marketing via email, mail, LinkedIn or sector press advertising or PR may be more effective.




It’s important to use multiple forms of marketing and give them time. Customers rarely recall where they heard about a brand and are more likely to react if it is through multiple channels.

“We tried marketing but it didn’t work” often means something was tried once but did not create an instant response. Customers need time to become familiar with a brand and will only respond when they identify the need.

Marketing is only costly if it fails to create a return. The quality of delivery is key. If you want to be sure of where to invest, ask a skilled marketing agency to create a strategy and plan.

For help getting a stronger return from marketing, contact us today.

International Marketer Sally Celebrates Anniversary with Full Mix Marketing

International Marketer Sally Celebrates Anniversary with Full Mix Marketing

Results-focused agency Full Mix Marketing is marking globe-trotting marketer Sally Baines’ first year as Marketing Executive within their growing team.

Sally joined the Norwich-based marketing agency in June 2018 following a career break to raise her young family. She returned to her native Norfolk with 13 years’ international marketing experience working for big name brands including Bell in Canada, NBC in Australia and Reed in London.

“It’s been a fantastic first year” states Sally. “I’ve been fortunate to find a job where my experience really counts. I was looking for a role that was challenging and varied, working with a lovely bunch of people. It’s great to be in an environment where everyone is so focused on doing a great job.”

Former marketing communications graduate Sally has cemented her position within the agency’s team as a skilled marketer and effective coordinator. As well as delivering social media, direct marketing and website development, her role has grown to include account management and helping prioritise work for her fellow marketers, digital experts, copywriters and designers.

“Sally has been a pivotal addition to our team” says Sarah West, Managing Director. “With her experience comes great organisation skills and a real talent for understanding what clients need. She’s a great communicator and helps everyone stay on top as our client list continues to grow.”

Sally has become an account manager for a number of new clients, acting as their primary point of contact. As well as coordinating efforts, she contributes to key marketing delivery and identifies fresh opportunities for the businesses she works with.

“Everyone in the team is so keen to help both clients and Full Mix Marketing grow. It makes for an exciting environment!” states Sally. “There is genuine buzz when a client tells us about a particular success from marketing we’ve delivered. I really enjoy the variety of clients we work with.”

Sally’s performance within the seven-strong team has led to the announcement of her promotion to Senior Marketing Executive.

“Sally is fantastic at keeping on top of our growing workload” continues Sarah. “As a business owner, it never easy to entrust others with your clients but Sally absolutely shares our passion, purpose and professionalism. She really understands the businesses we work with and helps everyone feel organised and able to do a great job.”

Full Mix Marketing is a results-focused agency, providing all the strategic, digital and creative marketing businesses need to grow. Whether delivering an individual element or entire marketing strategy, they’ve quickly gained a reputation for being trusted by businesses to deliver the results they need.

More details on Full Mix Marketing can be found at www.fullmixmarketing.co.uk