Full Mix Marketing Complete Successful Year with Chell Instruments

Full Mix Marketing Complete Successful Year with Chell Instruments

We’re pleased to be embarking on our second year providing a range of marketing for pressure and gas flow measurement specialists, Chell Instruments.

Chell have seen notable growth over the last year as we’ve delivered social media, blogs, press releases and email marketing on their behalf. With ambitious plans and new products, they’ve asked us to deliver a number of additional activities throughout the months ahead.

“We’ve had a strong year with support from Full Mix Marketing” explains Jamie Shanahan, Sales Director. “Sarah and her team have helped maintain contact with our valued clients and found new ways to reach and educate potential customers about our innovative products.”

Chell Instruments produce pressure, vacuum and gas flow measurement and control solutions. They have provided high-precision instrumentation for more than 40 years, to industries including Formula One, aerospace and pharmaceuticals. They’re internationally respected for the quality of solutions their engineers deliver.

At Full Mix Marketing, we’ve been pleased to work with the senior sales team to take away the pressure of delivering successful marketing, whilst autonomously creating new ideas and opportunities.

“We’re really pleased to be entering a second year working with Jamie, Nick and the Chell team” says our Managing Director, Sarah West. “They’re a terrific business, easy to work with, always positive and receptive to ideas. We’re very glad to have fulfilled our promise to truly understand what they deliver and become trusted to get on and deliver quality marketing.”

At Full Mix Marketing, we’re a results-focused marketing agency which provides all the strategic, digital and creative marketing businesses need to grow. Based in Norwich, we’ve helped a number of businesses with complex industrial or technological products to achieve further success through the right mix of marketing.

We’re very excited about the year ahead and would like to thank all at Chell.

Connected Magazine – Creating Engaging Social Media for Business

Connected Magazine – Creating Engaging Social Media for Business

Read Full Mix Marketing’s latest marketing how-to column from the June 2019 edition of ‘Connected’ magazine from Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce.

Social media is a powerful tool for many businesses. Sarah West from Norwich marketing agency, Full Mix Marketing, shares her tips on creating effective posts:


Be Strategic


Before you write a social media post, it’s important to decide on your strategy. Posting can be time consuming, so a well-defined plan is important.

You need to choose the most effective platform, the correct frequency of posting and the right mix of content. Generally, posting twice per week is effective on LinkedIn for B2B, whilst three times a week on Facebook is better for B2C. Twitter is popular but requires more frequent posting. Instagram is strongest for visual products and targeting younger consumers.


Be Fresh


No matter your audience, it’s vital to post fresh and informative content which people want to read. Sales message alone rarely gain attention.

Social media moves quickly so being current is important. Company updates, hints & tips, insider knowledge, achievements or forthcoming events are all well received. Sharing third-party articles is also effective and can demonstrate your knowledge and leadership. Include a link, add a few lines of insight and highlight the relevance to what you deliver.


Be Compelling


When it comes to busy social media feeds, posts need to stand out and grab attention. Put yourself in your audiences’ shoes and ask ‘Would I read this?’

Effective social media should make your business memorable (i.e. boost brand awareness) and/or drive people to your website, product or business.

Draw people in with an intriguing opening line, possibly posed as a question to which the answer is positive. If you wish people to click on a link (e.g. to your website) hint at the contents but don’t give too much away.


Be Visual


Social media is highly visual and posts without images are usually ignored. Video can be powerful but engagement rates are frequently lower than anticipated. Many will only watch the first few seconds, so make your brand and key messages prominent at the start.

When choosing an image, use one which stands out and reinforces the message of the post. Where appropriate, incorporate your branding or use a consistent style which can become identifiable with your business.

When taking photos, you’re not expected to be a professional photographer. However, like poor spelling and grammar, low quality images can reflect negatively on your business.

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New Website Showcases JMS Group’s Experience

New Website Showcases JMS Group’s Experience

We’re proud to have designed and built a brand-new website for our clients JMS Group.

The new expanded site now showcases their extensive experience, impressive portfolio and wide capabilities as a leading producer of TV commercials, radio commercials and video content for businesses.

On the advice of their prior digital marketing agency, JMS Group’s previous website had been stripped back to just four broad pages, despite a sizeable PPC (Google Ads) campaign which targeted an unprecedented number of specific search terms. Unfortunately, both user experience and the conversion of clicks into enquiries was poor, prompting them to seek our support.

Our talented team of web designers and content creators have delivered a fresh site which now breaks their services down using a user-friendly layout and showcases the stunning range of TV commercials, radio adverts and video content they’ve delivered for many key sectors.

The improved website is structured so it is more search engine friendly and features lots of relevant content which not only improves its SEO but helps pursued visitors that JMS Group are the best choice for their needs.

In just 6 weeks since launch, organic traffic to the new site has risen 30% and bounce rate (the number of visitors who leave a landing page without exploring further) has fallen by 60%.

Each year JMS produces over 200 TV commercials, hundreds more radio ads and an increasingly level of video content for social media. Their new Full Mix Marketing website is proving an even stronger platform for SEO, a new PPC campaign, direct marketing and PR which all aim to make this year busier than ever!

To experience their new site or learn more about JMS Group, visit www.jms-group.com.