Content Creative Clare Celebrates Year with Full Mix Marketing

Content Creative Clare Celebrates Year with Full Mix Marketing

This month, Copy & Content Executive, Clare Crowe, celebrates her 12-month anniversary working with Full Mix Marketing. We caught up with her to discover how she’s found her first year in a growing marketing agency:


What bought you to Full Mix Marketing?


I’ve always loved to write. Whether it was scribbling scripts to perform with my childhood friends or now writing press releases for clients, words come naturally to me.

I moved from my native Canada to Lincoln almost 7 years ago to study a MA in Script Development and Playwriting. After graduating, I moved to Norwich and became a content writer for a busy media agency, writing for brands including McCain, Warner Brothers and Expedia.

Joining Full Mix Marketing was a great opportunity to expand from copywriting alone to a more varied role. Despite being relatively new, Full Mix were clearly going places and delivering successful marketing for their clients. I had heard good things about Sarah (Managing Director) and was excited to learn from someone with so much experience.


What does your role entail?


As the Copy & Content Executive, I help with all things written. I support our clients with press releases, articles, blogs, website text and award entries, as well as written content for sales materials including brochures, mailers and advertising. I also take a lead on social media, making sure our client’s online presence is strong and consistent.

My role is very creative which puts me in my element. Whatever the medium, I love using words to communicate our client’s strengths, connect with their customers and help them stand out.


How has the job impacted on your skills?


Working at Full Mix Marketing for the past year has challenged and grown my abilities as a writer.

I’ve developed new skills, particularly when it comes to uncovering opportunities to create content and carefully weave in the messages our clients want to pass to their prospective customers

Having previously worked with retail brands, I’ve now gained a lot of experience working with companies who sell business-to-business too. The variety of clients we work with means I have to carefully tailor my writing to many audiences. In any one day I might write for an IT provider, engineering firm and online retailer. Each needs their own voice.

Our directors are very supportive and keen to help everyone develop their skills. It’s great to have the freedom to get on with the work whilst having an experienced team around me for support. It’s been a great environment for my colleagues and I to explore outside our comfort zones.


Which part of the role do you enjoy most?


Seeing our client’s success is always the best part.  It’s great to hear something I’ve written has directly resulted in new sales for one of our customers, especially when we’ve worked hard to get the messaging just right.

I enjoy writing press releases most. They’re all about identifying opportunities and turning them into a compelling story which journalists want to share with their readers. Sometimes there doesn’t initially seem like much of a story to tell, so it’s even more pleasing when I can turn it into a widely published and interesting article!


What excites you about the future?


I’m pregnant with my second child so that very exciting! I’ve been very fortunate to find the right balance between work and family life at Full Mix.

Despite the rise of digital marketing, good content and copywriting will always remain about storytelling and painting a picture with words! In particular, social media and content marketing have created a great opportunity for almost any business to demonstrate their strengths and leadership to a wider audience.

I’ve learnt a lot working with a very talented and enthusiastic team of marketers and gain new knowledge I couldn’t have predicted a year ago. Following maternity leave, I’m hopeful my skills will continue to grow and I’ll keep getting the same buzz seeing our client’s content online and in print!

Connected Magazine – How to Make Your Website More Effective

Connected Magazine – How to Make Your Website More Effective

Read Full Mix Marketing’s latest marketing how-to column from the May 2019 edition of ‘Connected’ magazine from Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce.

Most businesses regard their website as important for attracting customers. Sarah West, from Norwich marketing agency and website builders Full Mix Marketing, shares her advice on improving your website’s effectiveness:


Focus on Fundamentals


As search engines are the gate keepers for so much online traffic, it’s wise to keep them satisfied.

Many techniques like keyword stuffing and links from listing websites are now ineffective. Instead, focus first on some important basics to improve your website’s search ranking.

A secure server (https) is critical to Google, as is a website which downloads quickly. Make sure images are smaller than 100KB and remove any superfluous plug-ins, functionality or code which may be slowing pages down.


Put Functionality First


Consider websites you frequently use like your bank or favourite online retailer. They will often be simple so it’s easy to find what you need. Whilst businesses are understandably concerned by how their website looks, functionality is more important.

Ensure visitors can quickly locate the information they need and are encouraged to buy your product, visit you or make contact. Users may only visit 2-3 pages and you typically have just 59 second or 3 clicks to impress.


Look Good for Everyone


Since May 2015, more online searches have been made on smartphones and tablets than laptops and desktops.

Websites which target consumers will almost certainly be viewed most on mobile devices. For those who sell to businesses, views on desktops may currently be higher but this will likely change.

It’s critical your company’s website works well on all devices otherwise half of all visitors could leave dissatisfied.


Stick to Your Objective


To be effective, your website needs to provide the experience visitors anticipate and inspire them to act.

Ensure your website funnels visitors smoothly towards the outcome you desire. If you want them to make an online purchase, make it simple to choose the product they need and don’t complicate the process with too many options.

If you provide a service, your website is essentially an online brochure. Focus on benefits and demonstrate your strengths, but don’t bombard visitors with too much information. The aim is typically to encourage them to make contact, not make a final buying decision.

For more details and advice how to make your website more effective contact us today